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Daily Painting No.79 – ‘Lord of the Rings’ Scene Study

lotr storyboards comp study practice

This was a assignment for my storyboard class. It was to study a scene from a movie. I chose the final part of Gandalf’s battle with Saruman in the first film. I really enjoyed this project, it was kinda like comp studies in a way. Each study took about 5 to 10 minutes. Obviously the LOTR movie was my reference. 2 hours total. Painted in Photoshop with a Wacom tablet. I will be returning to my still life paintings (the ones with cool things like rocks and dinosaurs) on Mondays. On Fridays I might start a draw 100 something project. Draw a 100 in just one day. I might start out with  dragons because I find myself just drawing variations of my ‘Alex’ dragon(ear frills, a mandible horn, 2 asymmetric back horns, fins on the back, and a dewlap). I need spice up my dragons and not get stuck in a ‘style’. Or I might draw horses. Horses rock. Tough call. Another cool project I am considering is a ‘Draw yourself as a 100 things’. It could be a car, a animal, a dragon, a plant, whatever you like but it would have to be a 100 different things. It would be a challenging exercise. How would draw yourself as a car and still make it feel like it’s you? I would love to get a bunch of artists on wordpress doing it as well for a week. I think it would be sweet.

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