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Daily Painting No.80 – Velociraptor attacking Soldiers (WIP 1)

velocirapter attacking solders painting still life

I miss painting still life. With this still life, I plan on combining what I see with my imagination. I dub this a ‘Fanstasy Still Life Painting’ TM (lol) The best of both worlds. For the next couple days I will be working on this painting. My focus for my paintings are refinement and details. Something I can’t do too much with a 1 hour speed painting. I hope to invest 6+ hours on this. Feedback is very much appreciated. I wont be able to upload stuff on Tuesdays for a couple months. I have classes all day making it impossible for me to do so. Wednesdays though Mondays will be business as usual.

…and yes I intentionally did not put feathers on the raptor. Another paleontologist is dieing somewhere inside. How can I take paleontology seriously when they named the Dracorex after the Hogwarts school in Harry Potter? (yes I am joking about the paleontology thing, but not the Dracorex’s name)

1 and 1/2 hours so far

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