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Daily Painting No.82 – Walking My Dog (WIP 2)

dragon walking his dog dog dragon walker mans best friend wip

I am sorta embarrassed  about yesterday’s post. It is rather difficult to get blends and weights on a iPad, even with a robust app like Procreate and I just gave up too soon. I  use Procreate mostly for quick sketches and line art, not painting. So I took the sketch and uploaded it in Photoshop and started to repaint it. Got a detail heavy with the face and right hand too soon. I will continue this painting after finishing the Raptor vs. Soldiers painting. Time spent so far: 2 hours. Tools used: Procreate on a iPad and Photoshop with a wacom tablet.

My paintings currently in WIP that I plan on finishing. Since I have homework assignments it will take time for me to finish them all.
Raptor vs. Soldiers -40% finished
Spiderman /Cure Parody for Andytallman – %25 finished
Dragon Portrait -%50 finished
Alex Hawkenstone Illustration 3 -Not started
Genuine Wyrm – 75% finished
Walking My Dog-50% finished

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