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Still Life 6 – The ROCKy road + 1000 followers

neon disco rock that is your pet and magical

Dragon friday is tomorrow.. The puns worsens every day :D. I spent 40 minutes painting this awesome rock. Forgive me for abusing the purple fill light.. It’s the only bulb color I have at the moment 🙂 On the other hand if I hadn’t added the fill light, the painting would of been a little boring. I’ve been taking a color workshop, It’s amazing how much it rubs off on me. I am a chronic note taker..

My blog has reached a 1000 WordPress followers. 🙂 Thank you readers and friends so much for all your input, encouragement, and for looking at my paintings 🙂

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Alex the Dragon Bust (WIP)

sapient dragon man

Alex Dean is a dragon character that has a lead role in our comic Alex and Cruz. I had to take a break from still life paintings. I thought Alex needed a redesign. I wanted to push my design as far as I can. I’m not finished. I am pretty descent at rendering, now I am focusing on the character and the story. I’ve been too focused on just the technical side of painting, I need to make sure I am focusing on the personality as well. He is a sapient dragon, that’s why his eyes are facing forward like a human’s. I’m not too sure on the hair. In the future there will also be a cheetah bust, and a gryphon bust.

About Alex. Alex the dragon is basically exaggerated version of me in the comics, while Cruz the cheetah,is basically my friend and cohort. We have strange conversations, that’s what the entire comic is about. Just having a dragon and a cheetah talking to each over is surreal in itself. I was wanting to switch our characters to humans but JD wanted us to continue to be animals. It give’s me a excuse to draw a dragon, so I’m fine with it.

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Dragon Saturday No .1.. on Monday

dragon concept sketches for sale

Sorry it took so long to upload this. I’ve been swamped with homework and been working on a commission. All these dragons where drawn with a sharpie, no preliminary sketches. I rocked to the beat of the music I was listening to when drawing these. Each dragon was drawn on a thick  5×7 sheet of glossy recycled card stock (the other side of the card has a soup logo on it but since, it is so thick I can draw on the other side). I am going to start color sketches in the future. Since I am now unemployed, I am going to start selling my artwork.  A dragon sketch will be $3 (plus shipping if outside the U.S.A). I have a pay-pal account. In the future I have to figure out how to setup a little shop thing so people can purchase them with ease. I will be adding color marker in the next batch. If you would like to purchase one, or would like me to draw you a custom one, let me know.

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Still Life 4 – Sphere me the Details

ball lighting test

Dragon tomorrow. today I had to paint a ball. A boring white ball. Decided that instead of doing the standard top left lighting scheme, I would challenge myself.I must be a glutton for punishment. Two light sources. almost back lit. Why don’t I just put a target on my forehead?  It’s dragon Saturday, unfortunately I probably wont finish her till tomorrow. I have two challenging art assignments and a commission that gets priority.

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Still Life 3 – I can BEAR-ly stand this skull

bear skull skull bear face bear

From now on, every still life painting will have stomach turning punny title.

A still life study of a bear skull I saw at a zoo. 30 minutes is not enough time to paint something as complex as this. I should of done a cool down and done some blending.

Dragon Saturday is approaching…..

I just plum forgot to do a Still life yesterday. Sorry about that :(. Also I noticed I have some comments. I promised to respond tomorrow morning.

Feedback is welcome 🙂

Dragon Saturday is.. wait.. I already said that..

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Still Life 1 -“Clip” Art (Daily Painting)

clip art har clippy

Clipper, 30 minutes, Photoshop with a wacom tablet. I have always seen faces in these things, resembles a frog with a large open mouth.

My 50 still life painting challenge starts today!. I will start with basic objects  (spheres, vases, liquor bottles) then work on more complex ones (rocks, sculptures, animal toys, dragon toys) as I approach the end.

Rules of my still life project:

1. I will start from scratch on a black canvas, no preliminary sketches or yesterday’s paintings

2. No less then 30 minutes. When the time is up I have a optional five minute ‘cool down’ time to clean the painting.

3. Only one object per painting.

4. I must have two lighting sources, A main local light from above, and a bounce light from below.


6.All paintings must be in color.

7. It must have a simple background with cast shadow

Why the rules. So I can stay focus on observation and not jump around.

I will also do comp studies as well, but not with this one. I’m lazy.

I also have my 3d dragon model project, but I will post my plans for that one at a later time


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Daily Painting No. 102 – Dragon Portrait (Finished)

dragonbadass dragon face game video game concept art illustration fun dragon mad spikey drag-on

yes! I have finally completed this painting, after  working on and of on it for two months. I finished cleaning up the lines, played around with the colors, and I am done (I think). Tell me what you think.  I spent at least 12-13 hours on this painting. I learned allot about the importance to experiment, create  and destroy parts of the painting , and to have a more playful attitude when painting. It’s so important not to get tight when painting. best to start loose and build on the picture instead of worrying about everything being perfect. I made it to 102 daily paintings!

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Daily Painting 101- Crocodile Monster in Robes

croc monsters in robes mage sewers hungry scary

I was originally going to finish up the dragon portrait but I got caught up in painting this monster when I had more important things to do. I wanted to make a painting off a collage I did for a homework assignment  It’s amazing how much I struggled with the robes compared to the croc scales and snout. the reason is because I had good reference image of a croc. I couldn’t find anything suitable for robes. I did my best for now. 3 hours. Photoshop with wacom tablet.