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Daily Painting No. 91 – Genuine Wyrm (Finished)

dragon wyrm can of worm can of wyrms

Yay! I finally finished this painting! I learn allot about balancing the color, and taking a still life study and upgrading it to a finished illustration that uses elements from my imagination. A triad color scheme was used for this. I am very happy with how the dragon came out. The part of the painting I had the most trouble was with the lid, oddly enough. rendering the dragon and the jar was a blast. If your wondering what ‘wyrm’ means, it is a old English word for dragon. I have a cropped version as well.  I felt previous versions had too much open unactivated space. However I kept both versions because I couldn’t make up my mind. The other version is here Which version of this painting do you like better? What do you think of this painting? Painted from scratch using Photoshop and a drawing tablet. 10 hours? I lost count.

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