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Daily Painting No.99 – Dragon Portrait WIP (almost there)

badass dragon portrait tf alter ego monster painting

I have already spent a dozen hours on this painting. I feel I am getting close to it’s completion. I will continue to work on this painting for the next 2 days. This will be my last finished dragon painting for some time. There is two reasons for this 1.) I am in the works of designing a 3d badass dragon model I can showcase in my portfolio, I will go though the entire design process from concept art to fully rigged character. That should satisfy my dragon drawing itch and should please my followers and friends that enjoy my dragon art.. 2.) Franky I am a bit tired of painting dragons. Dragons have become a ‘safe’ thing for me to paint. I need to challenge myself. I have been painting them non stop for six months. If I don’t start to paint other things, I will start to sprout wings, a tail, and will become a dragon. It wont be pretty (A zoo would love it, but my family would be pissed).

I need to paint other things. I love to draw woman, I would like to do paintings of them.Get better at painting skin tones. I love to draw other monsters, even if some might look a bit ‘dragonish’. I would like to try my hand at some plien air stuff. Draw other fantasy critters like orcs,  elves, and golems. Paint some celebrity portraits of people  such as Jennifer Lawrence and Jimmy Fallon.  I decided to move forward with the still life practice. Starting  on daily painting 102, for the next 50 days I will paint a 45min to a hour still life quickie with a 10-15 minute comp study. Today is valentines day, this will be the second year I have to face this day alone. I hate this holiday.

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