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Still Life 1 -“Clip” Art (Daily Painting)

clip art har clippy

Clipper, 30 minutes, Photoshop with a wacom tablet. I have always seen faces in these things, resembles a frog with a large open mouth.

My 50 still life painting challenge starts today!. I will start with basic objects  (spheres, vases, liquor bottles) then work on more complex ones (rocks, sculptures, animal toys, dragon toys) as I approach the end.

Rules of my still life project:

1. I will start from scratch on a black canvas, no preliminary sketches or yesterday’s paintings

2. No less then 30 minutes. When the time is up I have a optional five minute ‘cool down’ time to clean the painting.

3. Only one object per painting.

4. I must have two lighting sources, A main local light from above, and a bounce light from below.


6.All paintings must be in color.

7. It must have a simple background with cast shadow

Why the rules. So I can stay focus on observation and not jump around.

I will also do comp studies as well, but not with this one. I’m lazy.

I also have my 3d dragon model project, but I will post my plans for that one at a later time


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