Dragon Bust Sketches

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Dragon Postcard 05

I have created 5 dragon busts on recycled stock. When I was working in merchandizing one thing we would do is replace the soup can logos at the grocery stores. It’s didn’t matter if it was the  same logo as before, it would be replaced with the old one going in the trash. It was such as waste or money, something common with big corporations such as this. the opposite side of the stock was clean, thick, and glossy. It was perfect for markers.I couldn’t bear to waste good paper so I started to save them. I started to sketch dragons on the stock and give them to my friends and family. I was going to try to sell these but I couldn’t remove the soup logo and then I split india ink all over them. :_(

I plan on drawing some nice dragon sketches on nice stock paper with no soup logo. I figured out a way to set up PayPal to simply add a pay now button so I will be setting up a simple ‘shop’ page in the future.

8 thoughts on “Dragon Bust Sketches”

  1. I love that idea, reusing the soup labels to draw dragons. Especially since it’s such a shame the waste that would happen otherwise–might as well use them for something really cool! I’m loving these beasties, especially the bluish dragon (#03)

    1. Thank you 🙂 I find the paper is good for quick arcillic sketches and experiments. I have this thing about not wasting paper. It was killing when I saw them just throwing it in the trash. The only thing is that the soup logo is on the other side, so I can only use the paper for sketches and practice. But I feel if I save a couple trees using this recycled paper it is worth it.

      1. I don’t blame you! Paper has so much potential. I usually save the little receipts I get from the library and stores to write quick notes on them before they’re recycled. Yeah, the trees will certainly thank you 😀

    1. Wow. thank you so much. I means allot to me that my art has inspired you. your dragon drawing is very nice. I like the eye, has allot of personality 🙂

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