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Still Life 8 – Angry Bird USB stick is ‘Fowl’

angry birds realistic painting usb stick still life

I couldn’t think of a clever pun, unfortunately…wait a minute. Never mind 🙂 I’m not the biggest fan of the ‘flustered fowls’. I never really enjoyed the games, I found the physics too random. Getting three stars on all levels required just as much luck as skill. That didn’t stop me from buying Space, which is surprising decent. When it merged with Star Wars, and became a massive commercial Goliath (Angry Bird underwear..seriously?!). My spid-hipster sense started tingling and I never looked back at the ‘grumpy game’. My friend bought me this USB stick of the red bird because he though I loved the games :\. I used to use it often to transfer files from one location to another… and then I started to use Dropbox, and then the ‘frustrated fowl’ sat alone, collecting dust. I wanted to paint something spherical, It was there, so I painted it. Created from scratch in Photoshop using a Wacom tablet. 45 minutes. Now lets eat those eggs!

6 thoughts on “Still Life 8 – Angry Bird USB stick is ‘Fowl’”

  1. I LOVE this! It honestly looked like acrylic to me, but I can see the photoshop effect now that you mention it.

      1. Oh, sorry, I wasn’t implying that you were filtering the work. I just meant that I can see that it was painted digitally and not on a canvas.

      2. No worries. I was just letting you that I painted it from scratch and that it was not a photo manipulation. It made me fell good when you said the painting looked acrylic. Thank you.

        This is something I often have to explain on my blog. i am tempted to not put that I use photoshop to paint because it causes so much confusion. some seem to think that photoshop is used only used for image manipulation and not for art creation.
        Moral of the story: I should of bought Corel Painter.

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