Monster Rampage (Daily Doodle 01)

monster rampage

4-27 UPDATE: Expanded my goals.
After a two month hiatus, I decided to get back to daily painting/stretching with a emphasis on value ,composition, adding motion, storytelling, and using thumbnails efficiently. This is to help me get past my hurdle of just being a ‘draftsman’ to becoming a good ‘storyteller’ and getting myself out the trap of drawing the same cliches over and over again . After I do a couple dozen thumbnails, I start the doodle.  Minimum time for each doodle is 30 minutes which will be bumped up to a hour in May. NOTE: These are not speed paintings, I paint at a comfortable pace. Speed paintings teach you nothing except how to be frustrated. Just say no to speed painting. When I get to the 45th doodle, I will choose my best three to develop farther.


I didn’t like the direction I was going when I started the daily doodle project. So I will be ‘rebooting’ this project and starting from the beginning. I’ve been taking my art too seriously. I need to loosen up and just have fun with drawing. No preliminary planning. Just draw what’s in my head at that moment. Value and composition will be the focus of this project but if I will not be anal about it.

Three requirements for each piece are:

1. Set a horizon line

2. pick a subject for focal point

3. Activate entire page.

4. No less then 30 minutes, no more then 2 hours.

I’m hoping that each doodle will have some sort of narrative but its not required for this project.

Time Spent: 30 minutes

I will do these for at least 45 day but will continue past that if I feel that this is effective.

I would love any feedback 🙂

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