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Daily Doodle 10 + Daily Doodle 11: Wonder Boy III Fanart

I had finals last week so I am very behind in uploading my projects. So I will be uploading a group of pictures in on post to save my sanity and to avoid filling my  followers’ inbox with posts.

Daily Doodle 10 – A sketch of some dragon riders. Even though I drew it out of my imagination, the comp looks like something that would fit on a’ Dragon Riders of Pern’ Cover. 25 minutes

Daily Doodle 11 – Wonder Boy III: The Dragon’s Trap. A old Sega Master System Game. Wonder Boy in piranha form cornered by some monster.  I discovered this game a few years ago at a thrift store and was itching to play it again for some reason. I am pleased with comp and values even though I messed up on the armor. 40 minutes.

I made this promise to myself. It’s a stupid promise but it gives me a excuse to draw (Like I need one)
For every hour I take playing a video game, I must take at least 15 minutes to draw something related to the game. It can accumulate if I wish it. This is mostly to help manage how much time I spend playing games and make me feel like I am doing something productive with the time I wasted staring at a flickering TV. I dread having to play a RPG, in fact I probably will avoid RPGS now :D. I draw and paint all time when watching movies.. You can’t quite do that with video games.. I will spare my daily doodles from becoming fan art central though.

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