Dragon Speed Painting (Daily Painting 13)

A quick doodle of a dragon face out of my imagination. I wanted to see how well I would do under pressure. Around 45 minutes (hour limit). As I stated before, I’m not a fan of speed painting. It’s mostly frustrates me but it’s good to work under pressure every now and then. (Not that I don’t have enough). I actually made a major mistake with a texture blend brush that I couldn’t undo because I made too many stokes (Photoshop will only save so many steps) but thankfully I was able to fix it. I also wanted to make the dragon’s muzzle longer without having to repaint it, the warp tool to the rescue. It messed up the horn so I had to repaint it. I’m very happy how much detail I was able to get into in such a short time. 40 minutes. compare this to my last dragon speed paint I did over a year ago: https://maugryph.com/2013/08/28/16-minute-dragon-speed-painting/

dragon speed paint

2 thoughts on “Dragon Speed Painting (Daily Painting 13)”

  1. I like the result! Nice texture and crisp values 🙂
    Btw – you can change how many undo steps Photoshop will save (as long as your computer can handle it of course). You can change it in the preferences -> performance -> history & cache -> history states menu… or something like that (I don’t use the english PS version). Can be useful at times…

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