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Sea Monster (Daily Doodle 15)

sea monster shark with spike ochys

I thought I would try my hand at another sea monster design. I don’t know if the daily doodle is helping me or not. A year ago I used to dread doing any type of detail into a drawing. Now I might enjoy it too much.  I question if this project is helping me. Maybe I should return to my still life project for a while? I have countless sketches and photos of animals at the zoos I visit, maybe I should draw and paint them? Maybe I should just pick the best doodle from my sketchbook and upload that as the daily doodle instead of making a dedicated one on the computer. I need to plan some more illustrations in the future, because I had a dragon binge drawing for 9 months, my portfolio is littered with them. I need some more variety in what I draw. Even though I was aiming for a shark like design for this creature , it still reminds me of a dragon. Its very frustrating to me. I’ve been sketching animals for just under a year!! Why can I incorporate that into my designs!!?!

1 1/2 hours

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