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‘Orb Game’ demo


Update: Added buttons so the game can also be played on a smartphone. Works great on my Android phone, but seems to be glitchy on my iPad.

To expand my portfolio, I would make a simple online game in Javascript using a game engine and Box2d . Move the Orb with the AWSD keys and shoot with the left mouse button. You can pick up the boulders by holding Space. I am rather proud of the skull enemies simple A.I. I might continue to work on it if I can think of some creative ideas for level design. All the graphics are done by me. It has no sound yet, nor any death animations. It might run sluggish on older computers.

I would appreciate any feedback. Thank you 🙂


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Fantasy Block v2 – A free online idea generator app for fantasy artists


I’ve decided to remake the program in HTML/Javascript so it can be used on-line without the need to download it. It is a very simple random word generator.  Like I mentioned in my previous post, it is a tool to help artist discover new ideas and to help fight artist’s block. It is best used to design creatures. Make a drawing based on 3-4 words that the generator has given you. It is based on the ‘Fantasy Genesis’, a wonderful art book.

Here is the link to the app, it should be able to run on any web browser (Firefox, Chrome, IE, etc):

I hope this tool is useful to you. If you use it please share a link to your drawing, I would love to see what people come up with.

Sorry about the lack of updates, I hope to start posting daily again in the future.