Alex 3d Model WIP

To be honest, I hated the first model I did of alex> I screwed up the mouth morphs. The uvs sucked . And it had some nasty polygons all over the thing.
I am much happier with this model as it resembles my concept art more closely.

Alex and Cruz

anthro dragon humanoid male with red frills

The new 3d model of Alex . Still a WIP, but good enough to start doing tests and comics with. He is closer to the original design I did over a year ago https://maugryph.com/2013/02/18/dean-the-dragon-finished-3d-model-scene-lighting-and-animation-test/. I returned his skin color to a yellowish orange, and added the red fills that I was to lazy to do with the last model. I shortened his snout to make his expressions easier to read. I did a short talking animation test. I will upload that shortly.  Cruz is also ready, I will upload screenshots of the new model as well.

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