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Daily Paint 27 – Quilava


Another pokemon. I am a shameless Nintendo fan. I grew up on a healthy diet of Mario and Zelda.  (When Pokemon is mentioned some think of the cheesy kid’s TV show instead of the RPG games: It makes me sad) I’m more into painting them then catching them and forcing them to fight for their lives via cage fights just so I can get some silly gym badge.  It will be a few days till my next pokemon painting, next time I am going to try to make it as realistic as my art skills will let me. Feel free to recommend a pokemon, if you’re so inclined. What is your favorate Legendary? (Mine starts with an R and ends with an A)

I was experimenting with painting long thin fur.  I didn’t realize how easy fire is to render.

Also this is my 27 daily in a row :D. Is my painting improving?

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