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Daily Paint 45 – The IGN reviewer


I am not too happy with commercial game review sites at the moment.  Many are not honest and have no integrity.  I was originally going to rant but I decided against it. With out further ado here is my interpretation of what an IGN reviewer looks like. I also added an IGN based meme.

Lesson of the story : Look towards personal blogs and small budding sites for your reviews.

4 thoughts on “Daily Paint 45 – The IGN reviewer”

  1. You can always tell how famous you are by how much hate you get. On Steam everything gets a 10/10 when its not 11/10. Great art though 🙂 I hear the average IGN reviewer isn’t older than 24. Its a young man’s market out there.

    1. I don’t hate IGN. I check it everyday for news. I’ve never been happy with the review section. That’s what the rant was about. It’s a parody, I can indulge in exaggeration.

  2. Not sure if I should chuckle along with all the true IGN comments or weep at the Steam comparison.

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