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Latios Man

Latios Man

I’ve been thinking about this character, this hybrid of a Latios and a Human Being. I just had to paint him although a sketch of him was made not too long ago. His design was based on a dream I had.

This music should be an accompaniment to the painting.

I painted this in ArtRage. I really dig the program for this quick painterly style paintings. The only thing I miss is the mask tool, there is a way around it by using stencils but it is very cumbersome. Still a great tool that lets me be loose.

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Alex the Dragon Sketch


A painting sketch of my dragon Alex (I haven’t drawn him in a long time) I spent more time on it then I was expecting. I did a decent job with the wings but got stuck for a while with painting the muscles attaching the wing to the shoulder and the neck area. I think it came out alright but it would have been better to have some reference on hand instead of drawing out of my imagination. I used Artrage to paint this.

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The Monster of Leviathan – Final Version


Click on the image above to see the 3d model in real-time!

It’s finished. The low poly model is ready. The most worrisome part of the project is finished. The textures are completed and the character is completely rigged. He is ready to be popped into the game.

You might noticed from previous iterations that I changed his colors from a purple to a dark red. Added marks like patterns on his skin to give him have a more tribal look. It also makes him look a little more intimidating. ( I have some other color variations that can be swapped in and out)

You don’t know how many times I wanted to sculpt the mesh and make ramp and normal maps but I came to the realization that conflict with the style and the other props in the game.

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Building and Prop Concept Art for Leviathan


My first pass concept sketches for Leviathan. I might not have time for a second pass because the game needs to be completed in two weeks. I going to do a quick environment painting and then I must start working on the level and models.


Gorp Can Blaster Faster


Album art I made for my EP. I made this weeks ago and forgot to post it. It’s based on an older piece that I made.

I’ve decided, after making music for years, this I would finally share it with others. I’ve compiled a small EP of my favorite songs that myself wrote and uploaded it to bandcamp. The album is free to download. I use a different alias for my music, ‘Chip Izard’. Music is more of a hobby compared my art so I take it less seriously.

Every time I make enough music to put onto a new album, I will make album artwork for it and share the art on this blog.

Later tonight I will be uploading more Leviathan concept art.

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Random Dragon Sketch


Hello everyone.  Here is a little sketch of a dragon I did in Artrage. I’m pretty surprised the makers of Artrage gave the 4.5 version as a free upgrade to all 4.0 users. It has better line smoothing then Photoshop. I’m considering sketching in Artrage and then porting the drawing over to Photoshop for painting, that is unless I want to use the natural painting tools.

Fortunately I have not been able to work on the game for the last two days because, I’ve school finals,  and was called in for potential jury duty (thankfully wasn’t chosen), an working on a test for a potential job. I’ve been busy. The final assignment for my composition class took time work on.

Thankfully I got the due date incorrect for the contest, giving me an extra week to work on it. I’ve come to the realization that the game will have to use some prefab props to get it done in time, however, the prefabs will still have to the textures repainted to match the game’s style.

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The Monster – Textured Model (WIP)

monster video game model

The monster is getting there, I just need to clean up some texture spots. I made the creature modular so parts can be added and removed with ease. I did this so if I wanted to expand the game afterwards, I can make monster variations. A similar idea for the building will be used. I spent about ten hours to twelve on the model.

It’s ready to be animated. I did some tests and was successful in getting my animated monster into the game engine:


I know that doesn’t sound impressive, but took me a couple hours due to an issue with the engine reading the files from my modeling software. However the same model file popped into Unity with ease. Go figure.

Here are some more screenshots:

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Monster Concept Revision


I Felt that the design needed more color. Since yellow is the complementary of violet,  adding a flame like texture might might make the design look cool. The chest was a little empty so a big eye was added.