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Random Dragon Sketch


Hello everyone.  Here is a little sketch of a dragon I did in Artrage. I’m pretty surprised the makers of Artrage gave the 4.5 version as a free upgrade to all 4.0 users. It has better line smoothing then Photoshop. I’m considering sketching in Artrage and then porting the drawing over to Photoshop for painting, that is unless I want to use the natural painting tools.

Fortunately I have not been able to work on the game for the last two days because, I’ve school finals,  and was called in for potential jury duty (thankfully wasn’t chosen), an working on a test for a potential job. I’ve been busy. The final assignment for my composition class took time work on.

Thankfully I got the due date incorrect for the contest, giving me an extra week to work on it. I’ve come to the realization that the game will have to use some prefab props to get it done in time, however, the prefabs will still have to the textures repainted to match the game’s style.

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