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Hungry Dragon (D27)


This dragon looks hungry… Run Sir. Knight! Run!

I was only going to spend an hour painting today’s daily… I spent 3hours on it. I got stuck rendering the mouth (Mostly the top apparently), I have not rendered dragon’s mouth too much, it was a new challenge.  What do you think of this dragon? Does it look too generic or do you think it’s design is decent?

4 thoughts on “Hungry Dragon (D27)”

  1. Nice detail around the eye and top of the snout. The rest is not as sharp, but I feel that gives it a sense of movement, as if it moved just as a shutter clicked. Perhaps the upper jaw could be a tiny bit longer than the lower?

  2. I think that the head and horns arnt over-elaborate like the other thousands of dragons out there. But then again, I am of the opinion that not all two dragons are alike…and I love the colors of his scales!

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