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Quick Horror: A short but challenging survival horror game with light roguelike elements

After struggling with my adventure game for months, I’ve decided to work on some smaller games for a little. This little ‘survival horror’ game started out as a 24hr challenge became so much more. I’ve already plugged in three weeks into this project.

The game should be released by the end of the month

Quick Horror (working title) is a small but difficult adventure game where you must escape to the 8th floor while evading and battling an aggressive monster. You can counter the monster’s randomized attacks with daggers but they are extremely scarce and have limit on how many can be carried at once. Knowing when to flee and when to fight is crucial in Quick Horror.

This game also has a few roguelike elements like randomly generated rooms , making each play-though a little different.

5 thoughts on “Quick Horror: A short but challenging survival horror game with light roguelike elements”

  1. Will you be offended if I say that I really loved your other game more? I’m not saying this is bad, but that other clip you showed us of the adventure game was superb. Greg

    1. No. I’m not offended. Quick Horror was something I put threw together in three weeks. I’ve been working on Project Night for half a year so I not surprised if it feels more polished. Thank you, I’m glad your like Project Night. It’s encouraging to me.

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