Daily Doodle 2014

Daily Doodle – Oct 2014 to Jan 2015

Daily Doodle – Apr 2014 to July 2014

After a two month hiatus, I decided to get back to daily painting/stretching with a emphasis on value ,composition, adding motion, storytelling, and using thumbnails efficiently. This is to help me get past my hurdle of just being a ‘draftsman’ to becoming a good ‘storyteller’ and getting myself out the trap of drawing the same cliches over and over again . After I do a couple dozen thumbnails, I start the doodle. Minimum time for each doodle is 30 minutes which will be bumped up to a hour in May. NOTE: These are not speed paintings, I paint at a comfortable pace. Speed paintings teach you nothing except how to be frustrated. Just say no to speed painting.

Daily Painting – Nov 2013 to Feb 2014

My goal was to paint hundred days straight. I missed only 4 days but quickly made them up. It was good project because It go me in the habit of creating art every day. It also taught me how to refine and clean up my work. In actuality there is only 70 paintings as I look some extra days on some paintings to learn how to paint details. (Most recent first)

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