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Daily Painting No.78 – Alex Hawkenstone (Concept Art)

alex heroine reporter plaid shirt golden blond hair female hero

I finally completed a painting of Alex Hawkenstone, the main protagonist of my story. I went though many color experiments with the clothing to get something I was satisfied with. She is a norden, a people that live in the snowy mountains of the north.  She is no warrior, has no super powers, cannot cast a spell, nor can she shape shift. However, she has her wits about her at all times. Something she puts to use with eerie precision. She starts out uncertain of herself, but gains confidence throughout the story. I want her to grow with the reader. This is less of a coming of age story. It is more about ordinary people put into epic and extraordinary circumstances, and coming out on top. I painted it in Photoshop using a drawing tablet. It took about four hours total to paint. five hours if you count researching the clothing.

update: adjusted the colors from cool to warm to better match her personality.

alex hawkenstone, art, artwork, book, daily painting, fantasy, illustrations, story

Daily Painting No.77 – Alex Hawkenstone Ch.2 Illustration

alex hawkenstone fantasy illustration 2

This is the most complex illustration I have created so far. This is for the second chapter of my story. Each chapter gets a accompanying illustration. Each chapter draft and accompanying illustration has a week deadline. I get as much done as I can each week and move on. I am basically doing this to get used to deadlines again. Most of my past projects have been at a self pace. It’s time to get used too being thrown into a fire. I probably wont upload the text for a couple months. I need to find a writer that can help me  with proof reading (Andytallman was kind enough to help me out with the first chapter). The illustrations will be uploaded every Sunday, finished or unfinished.

Now that I have rambled on a entire paragraph lets talk about this illustration. Noticed the bird creature? I made a concept sculpt of it not too long ago. It was on of my many references for this illustration. My main focus of this illustration was how to use focal fallout. I wouldn’t consider this painting finished but it is somewhat stable due to cleaning the edges and putting most of the detail in the focal points. (cleaning your edges works wonders on focal points) I spent about 5 hours on this. I had to get past a barrier to paint this, since this is a complex action shot. I haven’t done one this complex before. So I stalled way too much. But I got over it. Art is a mind game.

What do you think?

Photoshop with a drawing tablet. 5 hours.

update: There was a too much open space on the sides so I cropped it in a little bit.

update 2: cleaned up the image a bit more.