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Daily Painting No. 61 – Alexis and the Sea Monster (Super duper rough edition)

sea mosnter attack couple

I am so tired I just couldn’t paint for long. I mad the mistake to start painting late again. In it’s current state a doodle for my story project Alexis. I didn’t get as far. I didn’t even get to render the water. 50 Minutes, Painted from scratch in Photoshop on a walcom tablet. Btw my first chapter with accompany illustration will be uploaded tomorrow.

alexis, artwork, daily painting, digital art, fantasy, sketch

Daily Painting No.34 (Alexis action comp)

alexis action comp unfinish

I have been working on a project off and on most of this year, and finally have enough of a direction to start producing it. I will probability finish this painting after I have the characters fleshed out more and It will be a hybrid of a illustrated serial, web comic, short animation sequences (more like storyboards) The main antagonist is a news photographer named Alexis. this comp was made as a idea process. I limited myself to three tones and used the eyedropper to create variations. My goal of starting this is on December 15. I hope to have at least 2 arcs done by December 2014. Time Spent :1 hour, Photoshop