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Alex Alligator

anthro alligator face furry scale critter funny animal

A head shot and concept painting for a new main character for that illusive comic that I’m still working on. Painted in Artrage. Time Spent about 1 hour.
Alex is Copyright 2013 Maugryph

alligators, animal art, animals, anthro, art, black and white, digital art, faces, fantasy, figure, furry, humorus, painting, photoshop, portrait, reptiles

Self Portrait

anthro alligator anthro crock furry scalie portrait face figue man smiling alligator people alligator person

Just kidding :D. The name for this painting is ‘Later Gator’. Originally this was going to be a portrait of a alligator similar to the crocodile portrait I have painted before. But after a frustrating start I  became silly and got .. carried away. That cheesy B-Movie ‘Alligator People’ was a source of inspiration. Like my vignette background?

Here is the reference I used for the alligator head.*Big*_Walking_Gator_at_lake_Woodruff.jpg.  The reference for the hoodie was one of my own photos.

Painted in Photoshop with a Wacom tablet

Time Spent 50 Minutes.
Copyright 2013 Maugryph.