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Sad ChipRom


Today was a bad day. A bunch of little things happened.. and then my car broke down. I was stranded for a couple hours int he middle of nowhere before my father could come to my aid. Pack rats are most likely the cause. My dad helped me replaced the damaged hoses but there is still something wrong with the car.

While waiting for the tow truck, I painted this on my Android Tablet using Artflow. It is of ChipRom feeling as down as I am. For some reason I felt better after drawing this.

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I posted a video review on youtube… and it got 4600 views?!

Update 12-13-2012: It’s now at 18,000 views. I don’t know if Big Lots even sells this tablet any more. I fascinated why this video is so popular. If i knew it was going to beview this many times, I would of put more effort into the video and used a tripod. Oh well.

The internet is a totally random place. Two weeks ago I bought a low-end android tablet at big lots for a steal. I notice that there was no info on the net  and no reviews on youtube and decided, what the heck, i will post a short video review on the tablet. My FIRST VIDEO REVIEW EVER! Two weeks later I have 5 subscribers, 40 comments, and 4600 views. I did nothing to promote this video. Zero, Nada, Zip. I got a wide variety of comments ranging from, “great review, thanks for the help” to support questions like “How do I install Google Play?” i even got my first negative comment telling me that my voice was too “too monotone and boring” and that I should “practice in a mirror”.   I wish I could get my art this much attention.

I really cant fathom why my review video has received so much attention. I uploaded a few more reviews a didn’t get more then 60 views each. So I guess I just got lucky and filled a need in the Youtube videosphere that was empty at that time. I will do more reviews for a while, but i question if I will have the same reception as I did with my first review.

Here is the video if your interested in watching: