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Character 2.5 – Movember Barbarian (wip)


Forgive the cruddy quality. I took a picture with my android tablet. I am out of town but wanted to continue drawing the characters on weekdays. Being the genius that I am, I brought the wacom tablet with me but forgot the freaking pen. So I sketched this on paper. I spent around 15 mins on this, granted he needs more work done. I deviated a bit from the ref image this time. I was in a November mood so I gave him facial hair.

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Daily Painting No.49 – Jar of Wyrm – 2nd Pass (Updated)

dragon wyrm can of worm can of wyrms

Update to Painting : I didn’t like how the arm’s where stretched out in the past version (that would be so uncomfortable to have his arm’s stretched out like that). I changed it to having them inside the jar for now. I plan on having one hand holding on to the jar and a the other waving. I was too heavy on the sand texture, but it wont matter since i have to paint over the jar with a super small brush anyway, so the texture on the jar will be manually removed. I need to make the sand have sparkles and improve that sand accumulation of the jar on the base. I already started refining the dragon’s face and scales making them more clean and interesting. I spent a extra hour so far. At this rate of speed I will probability take me 3-4 more hours to finish this painting.

This wyrm is a 100% genuine :). This painting is almost there. Just a little more refinement and should be able to call this one finished. Painted from scratch in Photoshop using a wacom tablet. Total time spent so far 3 1/2 hours. Not entirely happy with it. I think I will make the label look more torn and adjust some values with the arms. Feel free to critique or comment.

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Daily Painting No.47 – Still Life – Opening up a Jar of Wyrm

dragon in jar can of worms wyrms

It’s been long overdue for a new still life painting. I have this cool little hexagon jar. I have this toy of a horse that I wanted to put in the jar but it didn’t fit due to the jar being so small. Ironically the only toy that would fit in the jar was this cheep dragon toy I paid a dollar for (It isn’t even worth a dollar, honestly). So much for not painting dragons this week. I made some minor changes to the face to give it some personality. I mustered up all my strength to paint this before bed. It’ needs more blending and color mixing…. and yes the title of this painting is a very bad pun ๐Ÿ™‚ This might be a painting I should spend some more time on, as it easily could be turned into a illustration.

Painted from scratch in photoshop with a wacom tablet. Time spent so far: 1 hour

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Daily Painting No.46 โ€“ Study/Copy of Fierce Dragon Rider Dragon Eternity Concept art โ€“ the dragonโ€™s head โ€“ Finale

fierce dragon rider art study copy dragon

My study of this dragon is done for now. I will be drawing some non dragon things this week, as I over did it with the dragons last week. I learned a ton doing this study/copy. I have a much better understanding on how to paint details, refine, and clean up. these are the observations I made painting this study.

1. the artist uses almost exclusively a round brush for his/her detail work. He’s favorite technique is to set the base mass color and crosshatch with a transparent brush of a similar hue.

2. the artist also blends with the smudge tool, but rarely, most of the smudging was on the neck of the dragon. His preferred method of mixing colors is crosshatching as mention earlier.

3. when adding details, it is best to work the painting as a whole and not get stuck in on area for too long.

4. It appears that the artist used defused lighting. It appears that it is coming a little behind the top right side of the painting, yet there is a sunset behind the dragon!?. there also some blue bounce light coming from below.

5. Working in a larger file size, will give you the ability to generate cleaner lines.

6. Always erase sloppy lines. Works best with a small eraser round brush.

I spend a little over three hours on this study. Painting from scratch in photoshop.

The left is the original artist painting, to the right is the study that I painted. Please feel free to critique and comment.

UPDATE: I FINALLY FOUND THE SOURCE of my study! The image i made a study from is concept art from a game called DRAGON ETERNITY! Thank god. It was driving be batty for months.


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Daily Painting No.42 – Still life / Dragon Toy on a Curvy Box (unfinished)

toy dragon still life

I learn a valuable lesson in painting this still life. If you only have a hour and a half to paint, don’t pick a detailed object that will take you three. I was setting up the still life and say a dragon toy sculpture on the side and said ‘Why not? I painted a elephant a few nights before! this shouldn’t take too long”. Yeah, right. I only got to the chest of the dragon toy before the evil timer started ringing. The box shape also needed some more tlc. On the plus side, in a few more paintings I should graduate from just painting matte objects to adding reflective objects into the mix. That’s going to be a lot of fun.

I also was getting a headache organizing the paintings by date, often getting confused and giving paintings on two different days the same creation date. so I made it numerical instead. It also lets me see who commented on which painting better.

Fell free to critique and comment

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Daily Painting No.40 (Gryphon Pet WIP) (Alexis)

gryphon concept art v1 wip digital painting

Concept art for Alexis’ pet gryphon. He is a loyal guardian to Alexis. It’s is a rather small gryphon (a microgryph is what I will be calling it, a rare pet in Alexis’ world), about the 1/3 of the size of a human being. But don’t let his small size fool you. Anyone that messes with Alexis will get seriously messed up. There is a small sub-plot about how the gryphon came under her care and what the gryphon was once before. Critique, Repaint the Talons, mix and blend the painting to make it less rough. Feel free to critique or comment about my painting. Painted in Photoshop; Time spent 3 hours so far.