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Toasty Battle (Daily Doodle 4)

monster dragon stead torching a army with its fire breath so it can have a tasty snack

Another monster themed doodle for today.  I wanted to draw some sort of a warrior woman commanding a monsters. I feel I could of tried a more dynamic pose but.. oh well. All my monsters currently suffer from dragonanitus (They resemble dragons). I will be doing some animal doodles and then change them to monsters to attempt to get more variety with my monsters. I also want to have a girl or woman character in every daily comp I do. It’s important for me to ‘figure’ out how to include it in my comps.

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Daily Painting No.94 – The Eel Salesman

anthro eel salesman

I am trying to loosen up and be more imaginative with my artwork. I’ve been too much in my comfort zone with Photoshop so for today’s painting i used a open source app called Krita so I would feel uncomfortable. Krita however is surprisingly similar to Photoshop in many ways. The only thing I haven’t figured out is setting up actions. About the painting. I had no sketch or idea ahead of time. I just scribbled around until something appeared. It’s a eel water salesman that wants to sell you artisan water ! However you only get 5 lives and if you want to play more you must give him money. He also owns the trademark to ‘water’.

45 minutes. Krita .

I’m having second thoughts about changing my daily painting project to a still life/ portrait academic thing. I am currently taking art classes at this time so I have plenty of ‘academic’ projects. So I am using my daily painting project to explore ideas and be more imaginative in my process. Effective So there are only two limitations I will put on my self : 1. I must spend at least 30 minutes on a painting and 2. It must be a new painting every day. I will see how this goes for about 30 paintings. I still have 271 paintings to go 0_0.

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Daily Painting No.88 – Dragon Bust WIP2

dragon portrait bad ass bust dragons mad dragon self portrait

I feel like I’m finally getting somewhere with this painting. Added a ton more details into the dragon. Opened up the frame added a background. This helped the composition immensely as I thought it was previously too cramped. I am debating if I will add another color into the painting. One more long session should knock this painting out. I am behind in uploading my art. I will catch up tomorrow. Feedback is very appreated.

As for my 100 painting still life / portrait challenge, I have decided to do it 50/50 and alternate between them. 50 still life paintings and 50 portraits. Here are my goals. All paintings will be in color, and use color in a exciting way. All portraits will be of recognizable people,actors, characters, real of fictitious, but a fictitious character has be in a live film (no cartoon portraits, all must be based photos). The reason for this is if it is recognizable I can get more feedback. For my still life paintings. The models will be from of my sculpture/toy collection of creatures, dinosaurs, dragons, cats, and other cool critters. I will also do some shiny and reflective objects.