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Princess scorning a dragon (Sketch painting)

princess scorning a dragon who is hungry

It’s difficult to figure out a unique idea for such a cliched subject. I thought maybe a princess scorning a dragon for attacking a knight, like the dragon is her pet or something. this is yet another rendering test, that was supposed to take a hour but yet I spent 2 1/2 on the thing. I don’t think it was worth putting the extra time in. I didn’t plan anything, I just scribbled something out and painted it. I didn’t even use any references. I just drew it. For some reason I did a great job rendering the armor.

Painted in Photoshop : Time spentĀ  2 1/2 hours

No knights where hurt in the making of this painting.

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Knight vs Dragon


knight being torched by dragon's fire

The dragon won. Painted entirely on my ipad using Procreate. I did alot of color blending technique with this one.