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The Coffee Spider Bot (Concept art)


Concept Art for the coffee spider bot. This robot delivers coffee in seconds will satisfy all you coffee needs.

This concept art is for a 3d printing project. I needed to create a machine that would be too impractical. A ginormous robot spider that’s sole purpose is to make and deliver coffee fits the bill.

The 3d model is almost done. I will upload it soon.

I finally got my spaceship 3d printed, I will upload some photos soon.

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Daily Painting No.53 – Coffe Cup and Ball (Still Life)

still life coffecup sphere ball

I bought this cool coffee cup a few days ago and I’ve been desiring to paint it. For humor I stuck my cheep elephant toy in the cup (just in case you wondering what that thing is, it looks as abstract in real life as it does in the cup). I had some issues with the small cast shadow coming down from the cup to the sphere. I think my next still life will feature more spheres. I painted this from scratch in Adobe Photoshop with a wacom tablet. Time spent on painting a little under 1  hour and 30 mins.

Note to self: there is a small mistake in the handle that needs to be fixed.