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Daily Painting 101- Crocodile Monster in Robes

croc monsters in robes mage sewers hungry scary

I was originally going to finish up the dragon portrait but I got caught up in painting this monster when I had more important things to do. I wanted to make a painting off a collage I did for a homework assignment  It’s amazing how much I struggled with the robes compared to the croc scales and snout. the reason is because I had good reference image of a croc. I couldn’t find anything suitable for robes. I did my best for now. 3 hours. Photoshop with wacom tablet.

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Alex Alligator

anthro alligator face furry scale critter funny animal

A head shot and concept painting for a new main character for that illusive comic that I’m still working on. Painted in Artrage. Time Spent about 1 hour.
Alex is Copyright 2013 Maugryph