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Ant that nice… ( Daily Value Painting)

cartoon ant sketch value painting sad ant wants to die step on me please :(

Forgive me for the ‘punny’ title :D.  I just had to draw a toon ant for some reason.  Ants are amazing creatures (until they invade your house). This one looks either sad or exhausted.  On a interesting note. When searching for references for this painting. I notice some toon artwork portraying legs coming out of the gaster (the bulbous posterior of the ant) instead of the thorax! That’s almost as silly as giving a male kangaroo a pouch :D.

Interesting ant facts: Most worker ants are female. Most male ants only have one purpose, and that is to mate with the queen, after that most will die. Some ants will herd other insects like aphlids. Some ants will even enslave ants form other colonies!

Created in Photoshop

Copyright 2013 Maugryph

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Chris the Dragon (Daily Value Painting)



I draw Chris every so often and I always make such dramatic changes with every revision. I think I have finally found a design that is substantial. This current design would allow him to walk upright and walk like a cat. Kept the scarf but might replace it with a bandana.  Made Chris much more dragon like with the exception of his human like eyes (Chris was once a human in my story, he needs human like expressions with his eyes). I removed the eyebrows, it’s hard to take a dragon seriously with eyebrows, even if it’s a lung. Replaced eyebrows with eyebrow like nubs. Apparently when I get below the torso, I start to get hasty with the rendering. The tail, drop shadow and feet could use some more attention. I added some scale details. Let me know what you think.  I have the most fun value painting (or tonal painting). Value painting is awesome. I enjoy rendering light and shadows. I enjoy doing those lighted sphere exercises they teach you in art class, yes I am strange. I going to do value paintings daily. No time limits, no themes, no speed painting.

Self evaluation

1- treat below the torso with as much attention as the rest of the painting if doing a figure.

2- be more clean with your line work

3-work on adding details to enhance the image and bump it to a professional painting

4- take your time. take breaks from a painting. It’s not a race.

5-Easy on the dragons. Try all sorts of characters and environments.


1- try rendering the highlights first instead of the shadows.

2- render interesting backgrounds

3-try compositions with more then 1 to 3 figures.