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The Sea Serpent (D22) (Wip)

ten songs painting wip

While I don’t usually try to mix my dailies with my projects, I’m so busy that I kind of have to from now on. This painting is a WIP . There are some elements that I haven’t decided yet, like if she should be holding a egg or a pearl. If it was an egg it wouldn’t be the sea dragon’s because it’s too small.

The art will be used for my next music album “10 Songs”, a project I’ve been working of an on since I finished Alptraum.

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Daily Painting No.67- Painting can ROCK at times

rock painting of a rocky rock with strong emotions of love an peace to the world and also this rock is a super hexagon champion

Meet Rock. Engineer, author, movie star, philanthropist, and future president. I’m honored to have Rock in my presence to paint. It was amazing! He stood perfectly still! True Story: I was walking my dog at dusk. When the walk was finished I realized that I was going to paint rocks this week (Why rocks? Painting a small rock = painting a cliff or rocky mountain), so I grabbed random rocks in the dark and brought them home. For this painting I just used the stock soft round that comes with Photoshop. Self Critique: edges need to be sharpened up more.

Feel free to give feedback and more rock puns.

Time Spent : 1 hour and then some
Created from scratch in Photoshop using a wacom tablet.

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Knights do WHAT to Dragons?


A dragon discovering that the Knight visiting the town next to his cave is not here for a picnic (maybe a bar brawl but not a picnic). It would have to be a very cold hearted knight to slay a dragon with a face like that 😀

This was rendering practice. I tried my utmost to make the surface be as smooth and three dimensional as possible.  I achieved the effect by alternating between brush strokes and smudging. I want my paintings to be professional. My past art has relayed heavily on line too much, and when I did render the painting, I felt that I was too sloppy.  Blending as I go seems to be the best solution at this time.

I know i have been painting dragons regularly for a month now. Before that I feel that I have been jumping around so much before hand that I never got practically good at any subject. Dragons are great for experimentation. So I will be  focusing on three subjects for the next 6 months. The three subjects I will be focusing on are:

Characters doing things. (Characters doing of all types doing stuff, not just standing there like zombies)

Story Illustration (I write a short story about a paragraph long and then make a painting of that scene) Bonus points if it is a epic landscape. double bonus if is a giant monster.

And I would like to continue to improve my dragons.