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Chris the Dragon bust

I’ve been out of town for a few days on vacation so i haven’t been working on any new pieces. I have been sketching and doodling before I went to sleep. One sketch is that of portrait of my dragon character Chris on my iPad using Procreate. I liked how it came out, thought I would share it with you.


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Cartoon facial expression experiment 1

carton face expressions how do you feel today?
inspired by a ‘how do you feel today’ poster I saw on a wall.
I wanted to see how many expression I could come out of my head with the same cartoon face. I created 20 expressions. Here is my ‘top ten’ it was very fun exercise. ‘acting out’ the expressions proved very useful. I didn’t use any refernces but rely on how it felt on my face when i made each expression. I tried not to ‘overdo’ them
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Bald Eagle Head Variations

bald eagle heads drawing painting concept art tonal comparisons

I was trying to figure out how to experiment with various eagle face beak and eye shapes. Then when surfing the net I saw some concept art for a RPG in which the artist had drawn a ‘base’ head and just experimented with different facial parts on that base head instead of drawing each face by scratch. That was pure genius, so I thought, why don’t I try that technique on my eagle?! I mind is blown on how useful this designing method works. I know concept artists have been doing this to the end of time, I feel kind of stupid for not discovering this earlier and trying this one my design work. I am also returning to tone (value) sketch such as this one. I feel encumbered by using solely lines in my sketches. Time to step up to the plate