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Daily Paint 14 – Samus Aran

Samus Aran

Tonight was a test in controlling my dragon like anger (painting is usually a relaxing thing for me).. First I attempted to use the PC version of Autodesk Sketchbook Pro (I love the Android version with a unhealthy passion). I purchased a year subscription to the program for around $10 or so during Christmas. I been sketching with it and it’s been great for that.. But I attempted to paint with it tonight. It was a pure nightmare. First I could find a brush that had low occupancy that I could use to ‘blend’ colors by using the eyedrop tool (ALT). I use blending brushes sparingly as I like the control of using the eyedropper. There is no shortcut buttons to change the occupancy, Just this stupid circle thing. Even with the lowest setting, I still couldn’t get smooth transitions between colors. After a half hour, I said ‘screw it’ and imported the painting into Photoshop (It has awesome painting tools, it’s not just for photos) and desperately tried to get stuff done with the remaining half hour I had before I had to go to bed. My computer also crashed once due to my stupid driver.This is as far as I got. In the future I will paint Samus again and make a painting that does her justice. There are good art days and bad ones. 1 hour.

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Character 3 (Wip) part 2


Still working on this. It’s been hard to focus the last couple days. I will attempt to finish it tomorrow.

Note to self: starting with a big brush and after every pass shrinking the brush size by half a very effective method. Last brush size is 10

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Robot Girl Failure + 100 Character Challenge


Daily Doodle for Wednesday. I tried my hand at a robot assassin but It didn’t turn out that well. I have decided that the daily doodle is not working for me. First I doodle on paper every day. Sometimes for hours. Frankly I’m just too lazy to scan and upload it here. so its redundant. As an artist I need to change focus if something is not working. So I am changing it into the 100 Character Challenge. I feel my humanoid character designs could use a shot in the arm. I discovered on DeviantArt there is literally thousands of stock images of people in costumes and in various poses that artist can use for reference. I will be using these as practice. Sometimes I will make a character similar to the stock image, other times I will use it to jump start my imagination. So I will give myself 1 to 2 hours a day to work on this. 2 days total for each character. In .. color or B&W. I’m optimistic this will help me with designing costumes and posing characters. I project this will take 6 months to complete. if this doesn’t work after a month, I will just find another daily practice routine like I did with the 21 Day Challenge.

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Portrait of Becky Wisdom

portrait face commision request artbecky wisdom

Portrait of Becky Wisdom

My first portrait ‘commission’.  This the longest I have spent on a portrait so far. Four hours. Instead of drawing a portrait a day for a hour, I spent a hour a day on this painting for 4 days. I am pleased with the face and lips. I  simplified the hair to make it more manageable. I need more time figuring out how to render hair more efficiently.

Time Spent 4 hours

Painted in Photoshop

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Portrait 15

woman startled teeth grind open eyes female girl

I was out of town for work so I wasn’t able to draw portraits for two days. I started up again, and I feel rusty, I constantly had perspective issues and had to fix placement of the features a few times, had to repaint the eyes twice. I was so behind I didn’t even get to finish the ear or add hair. I need to find more refs of woman that I can use for my projects. I’ve used a 3d model for reference for this painting (I used her as a ref for portrait 6 as well) . I rather draw from life but can’t afford a model. I can’t just use Google Images because that would infringe on copyrights and I just don’t trust So if you know a good, cheep stock photo site, let me know. I might start asking friends if I could paint their faces, I guess.

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The Girl With the Sun in Her Head, (Portrait, Woman, Abstract, Value Painting)

girl with sun on her head woman female portrait abstact

Inspired by a old Orbital Song. Went a bit abstract with her flowing wavy hair.  I drew her head at a extreme angle, I am happy I was able to get it to look right. I going to move away from just painting in graysale and begin to use monotones or color. I might try some animal heads as well.

Painted in Photoshop
Time spent on painting: 1 1/2 hours
copyright 2013 maugryph

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Portrait, Woman, Short Brunette Hair, Looking to the Side (Value Sketch)

woman portrait figure digital artwork female looking to right art artist who paints portraits black and white

I missed drawing a head portrait yesterday due to spending all day painting the anthro jackal warrior that day. I just couldn’t get myself to draw one yesterday. Guess I was just burned out. Strange as it sounds, that one day break brought back my zeal to draw them. I had allot of fun drawing and painting this picture. To my surprise I actually spent 35 minutes on this value sketch, I would of spent another 25 minutes on her if it wasn’t 11 at night and being so tired from a wedding/reception that I attended. I feel that I am starting to improve.
Painted in Photoshop
Time spent: 35 minutes

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Head Portrait, Woman, Surprised (Value Painting / Sketch)

woman female surprised head up mouth open

My daily head painting practice. This one I struggled a bit with.  Because the the perspective was above the viewer’s eye and I not used to drawing a head at such a angle.  But I made it though. I went a half hour over and still didn’t have time for the hair or blending the face so this picture is still quite raw.  I thought the teeth and open mouth would be difficult but it was actually much easier then I anticipated.

Painted in Photoshop
Time spent 1 1/2 hours
copyright 2013 maugryph

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Portrait of a Woman WIP


A painting of a woman out of my head.  I have been randomly working on this one off and on for a few days, I probably haven’t spent more then a few hours on it. Incidentally the more I worked on the painting the more she resembled Chell from Portal 2, I am in limbo if I should actually tweak the painting to make her Chell or just move forward as it is. I tried to make her look shocked or upset. It still has some work to be done, especially in the neck. I don’t know if I want to finish it. I might just start another portrait instead. Here’s a progression chart of this image. Feedback is welcome.