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A different dragon – ipad drawing


I been drawing quite a bit of dragons that are more like wild animals,I wanted to take a shot at drawing one that was mire of a ‘person’ and have a personality yet still resembled the fire breathing monster we all know and love. Maybe this dragon was once a man and is now struggling with is new body, or perhaps is a domestic dragon that is kind to humans and is like a loyal pet to them. I wanted to try this with out resorting to anthropomorphism. Here is the fished drawing. I struggled with this one, changing various features, over and over. Im not quite sure if i like this drawing or not. Painted in Procreate

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Fierce fire breathing dragon (Finished!)

head dragon evil fire breathing dragon red fire drake beathing

I been working off and on this one for quite some time. I lost track of the time spent on this painting. Tried a totally different way to color, using gradients and color adjustments for most of the color work. Also messed around with complementary colors. I am pleased the result. As stupid as this sounds, this is the first dragon that I painted breathing fire. I’ve must of painted a couple dozen dragons and never had any breath fire O_O.  Painted in Photoshop