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Garothal The Basilisk Lizard (commission)


This was a character commission. The theme was Dark Souls like medieval weapons. I did more experimentation with fill lighting. I had allot of fun painting this.

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Still Life 8 – Angry Bird USB stick is ‘Fowl’

angry birds realistic painting usb stick still life

I couldn’t think of a clever pun, unfortunately…wait a minute. Never mind 🙂 I’m not the biggest fan of the ‘flustered fowls’. I never really enjoyed the games, I found the physics too random. Getting three stars on all levels required just as much luck as skill. That didn’t stop me from buying Space, which is surprising decent. When it merged with Star Wars, and became a massive commercial Goliath (Angry Bird underwear..seriously?!). My spid-hipster sense started tingling and I never looked back at the ‘grumpy game’. My friend bought me this USB stick of the red bird because he though I loved the games :\. I used to use it often to transfer files from one location to another… and then I started to use Dropbox, and then the ‘frustrated fowl’ sat alone, collecting dust. I wanted to paint something spherical, It was there, so I painted it. Created from scratch in Photoshop using a Wacom tablet. 45 minutes. Now lets eat those eggs!

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Super Hexagon mini review

super hexagon is evil!

Update: I apologize if this post shows up in your reader more then once. Wordpres went crazy on me.

To make my little review a little less boring, I sketched this cartoon so you can see what happens to you 99% of the time in this game. You die.. A lot. Super Hexagon is a deceptively simple ‘tunnel’ game in which you guide a arrow circling around a giant hexagon. Walls are constantly coming toward you. If you hit a wall, its ‘game over’. There is six levels in this game. Your goal in each level is to survive the entourage of walls for 60 seconds. Sound simple, right? Ha! With the world constantly rotating, pulsating, and throwing out deviant patterns in your way. On your first try you will be fortunate if you survive for 5 seconds. It’s a hard game. But the more you play, the farther down the level you will get. Making it to the 60 second mark felt more rewarding to me then completing a 60 hour RPG. That says a lot. Right now (til January 2,2014)  it’s on sale at steam for a mere 59 cents. Since it takes a couple hours per level, it’s a great value.

The verdict

Five out of Five ‘Agains’

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Daily Painting No.35 (Fabric Still Life)

fabric ghost still life with dragon

This was a very fun still life to paint. I put a bowl on top of a tripod and then draped it. I then put a little dragon sculpture on top. How the fabric fell made it look like a ghost, even the eyes where formed from the still life, I didn’t fabricate anything. So I didn’t draw the tripod legs. Fabric is a heck of a lot of fun to paint. Don’t be surprised if I do a couple more still life paintings with fabric. Feel free to critique it.

Painted entirely in Photoshop. Time spent on painting: 1 hour

On a different note. I was bitten by nostalgia bug. I found a game that is now free and open source that I used to play as a kid.  It was called Ken’s Labyrinth.It was a ‘clone’ of Wolfenstien 3d (another 3d game I was obsessed with at the time) but it was developed by one man named Ken Silverman. He was a prodigy programmer, he made a game by himself that took ID software 10 people to make. Remember Duke Nukem 3D? HE BUILT THE ENTIRE GAME ENGINE!

Ken’s Lab had a lot of crazy game play elements that where not in FPS games at this time such as, holes, killer fans, slot machines, vender machines, heat sneaking missiles, you even have a companion that you have to guard ( Just like Resident Evil 5, and just as annoying). The shareware episode was a lot of fun and balanced, the remaining two episodes are so broken due to endless invincibility capes and cash littering the floor, you can beat the game with your eyes closed.. EVEN ON HARD! Later the game was published by Epic Games, and a extra artist was added. Speaking of the graphics, the monster design, it starts out well but gets really bad farther down the game ( Just wait until you see the space pirates, it looks like a 5 year old discovered Paint). Despite it’s flaws Ken’s Lab really inspired me back then. It inspired me to mod the levels and graphics of  Wolf 3d, and replace the Nazis with fish warriors. (I wish I still had it, the floppy it was saved on got corrupted 😦 )

It’s got me thinking of a good concept art project.. Why don’t I find some terrible monster and character sprites of the old games from the 90’s and do some fresh redesigns?


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Assassin’s Breed


Introducing the assassin’s breed.  If Ezio was a dog whisperer… this is what he would train. My first parody art I’ve done since setting up this blog (I’m making ‘pun’ of Assassin’s Creed, another game series I have never played ). My pun filled head knows no shame, I have not a clue where these things hide in my brain :). I had fun rendering this little doggy with a awesome hoodie. Used top lighting because it is super easy (for me). The only disadvantage of top lighting is that you get these sometimes long cast shadows below the neck.

time spent: 1 hour? I have no clue.

Painted in Photoshop with a Wacom Tablet

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BLU Medic Portrait

blu medic tf 2 evil smile

The Medic is one of my favorite TF2 characters. I did a quick sketch of him last week. I felt that I needed to finish this portrait. I use it as my avatar in Deviant Art.

I also add a hot bounce light for fun. It’s amazing how adding another light source brings paintings to life.  Next portrait is that of Becky Wisdom, a kind lady who follows my blog and is brave enough to allow me to paint a portrait of her face.Photoshop

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Portraits of the Medic, Scout, and Engineer (Team Fortress 2)

scout fan art medic team fortress2 tf2 faces portraits cartoons comic life silly faces mean medic silly scoult irritated engineer

Not one, not two, but THREE portraits paintings for today. This time I did  preliminary sketches with crosshatching then painted over my sketches, and finally smudged the lines and colors together with the smudge tool. Created start to finish in Adobe Photoshop. Time Spent : Under 2 hours. These characters are in the game Team Fortress 2. I tried different expressions to keep things interesting. However I might have over done it with the Scout. The reason I’ve been into drawing TF2 characters lately is the fact that so many funny videos made with Source Filmmaker have appeared on YouTube.

The last two dozen or so portraits, I painted directly to the canvas at the get go. Painting directly to the canvas is both a exciting and frustrating endeavor due to the fact you are constantly checking for and fixing perspective errors but the final result usually looks much livelier because your not bound by line and your forced to think in value. However if you have done a decent preliminary sketch with the perspective worked out, it’s much quicker to paint but your are conformed a little by your line sketch.

Update: Added images with each character separate to this post. So I could display them correctly on my Portrait a Day Page

Characters are copyright 2007 Valve.
Painting 2013 Maugryph

4 down, 5 to go.