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Chris the Dragon is Smiling

anthro dragon happy dancing scaft furry fluffy gery photoshop smiling teeth

This painting was a experiment into finding the best process to make a convecting value sketch that could be developed later into a finished image. But most importantly, force my brain into thinking just value and form and avoid symbols I had accumulated and would constantly use when I was a cartoonist.

For a week I tried different ways to get into that mode. I finally figured out what works best for me tonight. I’m very excited. I spent 45 minutes on this painting, not bad for a sketch :) Its not perfect but it dose have weight and form so I am content for now :) I will continue to do value sketches this way to see how it goes :)

My method is draw motion line(s), choose vanishing point, shape sketch, test the shapes that they have weight, add a rough proximate where the lighting will hit the object, start rendering, add drop shadows, clean image.

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Chris the Dragon is Laughing

dragon smiling happy golden dragon happy showing teeth spiral horns mouth open fangs ego id

‘Chris the Dragon thinks you joke is funny and is wondering if you taste as good as your joke’ – the creepy narrator dude person guy thing hiding in the shadows

For the umpteenth time this month I have changed my avatar image. I sketched one I am finally happy with. I spent about a hour on this sketch of Chriss the DragonĀ  I also uploaded this to twitpic since twitter doesn’t have it’s own way to upload images. Hopefully I will stick with this avatar for a long long long time (or at least till tomorrow)

Time spend to create: Hour in a half
Programs used:Photoshop

Dean is Copyrighted 2013 Maugryph. Do not use without permission

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Cartoon facial expression experiment 1

carton face expressions how do you feel today?
inspired by a ‘how do you feel today’ poster I saw on a wall.
I wanted to see how many expression I could come out of my head with the same cartoon face. I created 20 expressions. Here is my ‘top ten’ it was very fun exercise. ‘acting out’ the expressions proved very useful. I didn’t use any refernces but rely on how it felt on my face when i made each expression. I tried not to ‘overdo’ them