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A different dragon – ipad drawing


I been drawing quite a bit of dragons that are more like wild animals,I wanted to take a shot at drawing one that was mire of a ‘person’ and have a personality yet still resembled the fire breathing monster we all know and love. Maybe this dragon was once a man and is now struggling with is new body, or perhaps is a domestic dragon that is kind to humans and is like a loyal pet to them. I wanted to try this with out resorting to anthropomorphism. Here is the fished drawing. I struggled with this one, changing various features, over and over. Im not quite sure if i like this drawing or not. Painted in Procreate

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Male Head, Mustache (Value Painting)

head portrait caucasian 30s roman nose blue eyes blond black and white painting realist portrait

My fifth head value painting sketch. I use my own face as a reference this time but added a mustache and thick eyebrows. I try to keep them around a hour but I went over by one with this one.

Time Spent: About 2 hours

Painted in Photoshop
Copyright 2013 Maugryph

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Portrait of a Woman WIP


A painting of a woman out of my head.  I have been randomly working on this one off and on for a few days, I probably haven’t spent more then a few hours on it. Incidentally the more I worked on the painting the more she resembled Chell from Portal 2, I am in limbo if I should actually tweak the painting to make her Chell or just move forward as it is. I tried to make her look shocked or upset. It still has some work to be done, especially in the neck. I don’t know if I want to finish it. I might just start another portrait instead. Here’s a progression chart of this image. Feedback is welcome.