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Daily Painting No.32 (Dragon WIP part 1)

dragon painting

Here be a dragon. the head is based on a dragon ‘self portrait’ painting a did a week ago and I used it as a base for this painting. the eye(s) are the only thing remaining form the old painting. I needed a break from still life painting today, yet I made sure to make a light reference. Even though this dragon is out of my imagination, the light ref should help me a lot. I come to the conclusion it is foolish to painting without a solid thumbnail and a light ref (and possibly a color study when I brave up to paint it). I have a dual screen so I find it enjoyable to paint while watching a movie. When wal-mart had its black-Thursday sale (I guess Thanksgiving should be renamed Debts-giving) and bought about 20 two dollar DVDs and a few four dolor blu-ray disks. Most are not on netflix so it felt justified.

I will alternate this painting between my still life paintings. I am not concerned about speed, just making looked finished

Self critique:the fins look to flat, add depth, make the scales on the neck interesting, research back wings to make them correct.

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Daily Painting No.19 – Dragon Creeping up on a Battlemage

battlemage searching for a dragon behind him

Update: Added more atmosphere, made the monster in the back larger. Fixed the back leg. Self Critique: the monster needs more work, not sure ff the lighting is %100 correct everywhere on the armor.

With this painting I discovered a uncanny. Painting and smudging at the same time works well with armor and cloth. It’s too late to self critique. I write one tomorrow Painted in Photoshop. Time spent: 50 minutes. + 15 for some fixes

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Daily Painting No. 11

the bird riding mage

I really hated yesterday’s painting so I redid it. It’s very difficult painting on a iPad. I do love my wacom tablet.  Self Critique: I am happy that I tried a lower camera angle. I had a bit of trouble with balancing the the bright red of the bird’s beak with the rest of the image. I am happy with the saddle but it could be refined to a much better design. I’m not too happy with the mage’s leg and how the robe wraps around. I probably could make a ref photo to figure out correct it but It don’t think it is worth investing any more time on it. Next 2 weeks I will only be doing studies, I’m a little annoyed with myself that I cant get what  out I want out of my imagination on to the canvas in it’s entirely. I have a pounding headache.

I spent about a hour and a half on this painting. Painted in Photoshop

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Daily Painting No.7 (Bilbo Baggins)

the hobbit bilbo baggins is confused

Update: after work, couldn’t sleep. worked on it for 15 minutes trying to fix stuff.

I was pressed for time. So I am unable to finish it.  It’s Martin Freeman as Bilbo Baggins. I might finish this painting… or not. I was going to include a review of the movie with this post, but I ran out of time..

Self Critique: finish the mouth and correct a minor error with it. Needs more refinement. Theirs something else..

Ref: still from the 2012 film

time spent: 1 hour +15 min

Daily Painting # 7

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Daily Painting No.3 – Dragon rider

woman in a mask riding a dragon

After the stinker of a daily painting I did yesterday. I really need to redeem myself a bit. The archetype  of a dragon rider is common in fantasy art. It is a subject I haven’t tackled yet. Frankly off and on for a week I’ve attempted to draw it in a interesting pose. since you have to ride a dragon closer to it’s neck, it was as interesting challenge for me to place the rider in the correct position. I couldn’t use a horse rider for ref. Here is my second attempt at painting the subject. (The first will not be shown to protect your eyeballs from its utter hideousness). Since I only have a hour or so to spare on these every day, I try to get the focal points finished at least. However in this painting they are still a bit rough. I like this composition. I might in the future spare another hour and attempt to finish it.  As for my self critique, I do like the composition, it has a lot of potential even if its a little cliche. I wanted to make the dragon’s frame big and intimidating like a rhino but in the end I felt like I made it look fat. The wing to the right is not in the correct position. I need to work on the structures of the wings more. the mask looks too blah and needs some spicing up or removed to draw the actual face. I think a curved horn on the back of the dragon’s mandible would add to the painting. I used fog to stop the front leg from competing with the face but It might be too effective. Any other observations is appreciated.

Painted in Photoshop. Time spent 1 hour and 10 minutes

Daily Painting # 3