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Message to the Sea – Final Drawing for Draw II Class


I pulled all the stops for this drawing. After using graphite and charcoal for months, I returned to my old love : Ink. I went though 50 thumbnail sketches. I  made studies of eel anatomy, fish, boats, ocean waves, etc. I spent about 5 hours on the research side (thumbnails and studies) and about 10 hours rendering this with Micron Pens, Sharpies, and Copic markers. I avoided realism and aimed to make a narrative illustration you would see in a children’s book. It’s surprisingly difficult to render waves with ink. I used many visual tricks to force your eye to stare at the envelope (focal) in the middle. I feel my drawing and comp classes are starting to pay off.

Let me know what you think. I would to hear what you think is the narrative for this drawing.

Ink and marker on Bristol Board. 24×16. Time Spent :4-5 hours on research/studies, 8-10 hours on rendering the drawing.

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Dragon Saturday No .1.. on Monday

dragon concept sketches for sale

Sorry it took so long to upload this. I’ve been swamped with homework and been working on a commission. All these dragons where drawn with a sharpie, no preliminary sketches. I rocked to the beat of the music I was listening to when drawing these. Each dragon was drawn on a thick  5×7 sheet of glossy recycled card stock (the other side of the card has a soup logo on it but since, it is so thick I can draw on the other side). I am going to start color sketches in the future. Since I am now unemployed, I am going to start selling my artwork.  A dragon sketch will be $3 (plus shipping if outside the U.S.A). I have a pay-pal account. In the future I have to figure out how to setup a little shop thing so people can purchase them with ease. I will be adding color marker in the next batch. If you would like to purchase one, or would like me to draw you a custom one, let me know.

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My best sketches of My Tone Sketchbook (7-2013 to 8-2013)

Finished a tone sketchbook. Out of hundreds of sketches i did, I picked my favorites. I have switched to markers to build confidence in my line work and simply because I love the look.

I made this stupid rule when playing video games: every half hour I must take a break and sketch something from the game. So there is a couple sketches of McPixel. It’s a very short game. The weirdest, strangest, most demented adventure game I’ve played so far. I was very addictive and ended way too soon. Also a few drawings of dragons, strangely enough out of the 100s of sketches I did, these are the only dragon drawings I did around that period, yet they are some of the best that I’ve done. I also sketched a tree from my house and a barn from my imagination. And that horse… I need to practice drawing equines more.

Next’s weeks sketchbook drawings will be ones I did a the zoo.

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Horse Sketch + Hello everyone. I have returned.


It’s been a while since I’ve uploaded my artwork to the blog. I had to take a hiatus due to work and a vacation to California. Sorry I haven’t responded to anyone’s comments for the past 3 weeks. I will respond to them all as soon as possible. Again I apologize. I needed some time to think things out and to consider what future goals I want to consider.  I will be taking some classes both online and in class this semester. So I will be busy for the next few months. I was dissatisfied with my art and have been in a rut for the last two months. I drew a massive amounts of dragons, a creature I seem to get obsessed with drawing when I am depressed. Taking a break has help me with things I need to work on as both a person and a artist. I’ve been practicing a better foundational way to sketch and now sketch constantly (one of my past weaknesses as a artist was not keeping a sketchbook). I visit either the zoo or a food court in my town and am constantly sketching animals and people and architecture. I will not stop drawing nor stop updating this blog but I might start grouping sketches in one post together. only finished paintings will get the luxury of being in it’s own post. This means, I will publish less posts but you will still get to to see all my stuff. I might also post non art related things as well, since it is a pain to have more then one blog at a time. Also I will probably do more paintings from life and studies of other artist’s work for a while. I will still draw a dragon now and again, but I feel it’s is very important for focus on drawing animals and people from life and doing studies of other artist’s paintings. Sketching has also got me out of the house, when I was down I was trapped in my cave (seriously, I live in a underground room , I kid you not) Now I feel better. I was getting too stressed about not improving quick enough but now I will calm down and work art improving my skills. As one teacher said “It’s all about mileage”. My success will depend on how much I work on it.

I thank all my readers for your insightful comments and feedback. They have meant a lot and have helped me improve. Again, thank you so much. See you next post, and don’t hesitate to ask me anything.

take care.

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Asgaut the Viking: Page 1

asgaut the viking hero comic short story

First page of my short comic story. Originally this was going to be the second page. I did a page that was detailed about the world, but it reviled too much too soon.
Created in Photoshop.
Time Spent 2 hours.

I also setup a blog for this comic project at ““. I will be uploading the pages to both blogs. I was planing ahead a way for people that would like to read the comic beginning to end with ease.