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Daily Painting No.54 – Stuck between a rock and a hard place

warrior confronting a dragon dragon has upper hand concept art painting

I just wasn’t in the mood to do a still life or a study so. I painted this. I went with a friend to a lake that was made by creation of a dam. It inspired me paint this. A knight has to climb this dam like structure but there is a dragon waiting for him at the very top. Self Critique: Still very rough. Has potential to become a good painting. I’m getting better with making texture brushes. Remove middle horn on helmet as it looks stupid. If I continue this painting I will need to research some waterfalls.

Painted from scratch from my imagination using Adobe Photoshop with a Wacom Drawing tablet. Time Spend 1 hour and 15 minutes

art, artwork, daily painting, dragons, fantasy, knights, photoshop, still life

Daily Painting No.51- Knight in Shining Armor (Still Life)

knight in armor still life dragon slayer

So far since I started this blog a year ago, I have made 78 dragon paintings/artwork , that’s insane! So with all those crazy fire breathing reptiles lurking on my blog, I could use some protection :D. Seriously though, I found this sculpture of a knight at a thrift store a while back. I did top local lighting and set it up at a low vanishing point to make the knight look strong and intimidating. 1 knight vs 78 dragons. righhht. Painted from scratch in Photoshop using a wacom graphics tablet. I spent about a hour and a half on this so far.

My blog needs more knights. 😀

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Princess scorning a dragon (Sketch painting)

princess scorning a dragon who is hungry

It’s difficult to figure out a unique idea for such a cliched subject. I thought maybe a princess scorning a dragon for attacking a knight, like the dragon is her pet or something. this is yet another rendering test, that was supposed to take a hour but yet I spent 2 1/2 on the thing. I don’t think it was worth putting the extra time in. I didn’t plan anything, I just scribbled something out and painted it. I didn’t even use any references. I just drew it. For some reason I did a great job rendering the armor.

Painted in Photoshop : Time spent  2 1/2 hours

No knights where hurt in the making of this painting.