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Creature Feature 2- Sarmarmia the Undead Queen

undead queen which monster

My sixth creature design. It could be pushed more. I am going though growing pains with character concepts at the moment. Since it is purely from my imagination, I should have looked at some references to push the clothing design, something that isn’t my strongest suite at the moment. I also made her arms incredibly lanky.  The goal was to 1. make a undead queen and 2. not fall into the cliche trope making it look like the Queen in Snow White or Maleficent. In all honestly it looks more like a sorceress then a queen. I spent about 2 hours on it. I’ve done worse.

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Broken Down Gateway: Environment Painting 2

broken building falling apart concept

Second of  a 30 day environment painting challenge. I trying new things and struggling along the way.  Any feedback is welcome.  Photoshop: 1 hour : 2013 Maugryph