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Combining 3D objects into a live action scene (Animation Project 4)

I’m a little behind so there will be a few postings today.

A challenging assignment where I put a 3d creature into a live scene using motion tracking. I designed a cute little spheroid monster to sit on a chair. Also I set a 3D cylinder on a coffee table and made it shatter. I used After Effects. It would have been easier to use Maya for everything but since this was an After Effects class I had to used the program required in my class.

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Faux Movie Poster – Taurancaus


I forgot to post this. It is a faux movie poster painting I did as a final project in one of my art classes. The assignment was a movie poster. I love the posters of the old science fiction movies. They are meticulously painted and composed. It’s so different then the the movie posters today, where the designer cuts and pastes some photos of the stars in Photoshop, adds a lame effect filter and calls it a day. I used my family and a 3d model of a woman for this painting. It took about 8 hours to complete. I notice my Metal Slug sketch I did last night has a similar set up (three heroes in the front, the villain super large in background) but a different composition.


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Daily Painting No.15 -Dragon

firey dragon angry

Another dragon. I was originally going to do another portrait study but my dad slipped off his motorcycle and rammed into the concrete. It was urgent to take him to the hospital. He is doing fine,  although hes a bit bruised. No broken bones, thank god. Long story short, I doodled this to distract myself while I was at the hospital. When I got home I did a quick paint job on it in Photoshop. I spent about 10 minutes sketching and 30 minutes painting. Self critique: Painting entirely over the sketch lines would be nice.

I’m currently watching the animated version of the “Return of the King”… it’s freaking terrible. The orcs singing “when there is a whip, there is a way!” and Samwise’s delusional power fantasy is enough to make you question the maker’s sanity. Where the heck is Gimli and Legolas? Why is Gollum a humanoid fish man?

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Daily Painting No.7 (Bilbo Baggins)

the hobbit bilbo baggins is confused

Update: after work, couldn’t sleep. worked on it for 15 minutes trying to fix stuff.

I was pressed for time. So I am unable to finish it.  It’s Martin Freeman as Bilbo Baggins. I might finish this painting… or not. I was going to include a review of the movie with this post, but I ran out of time..

Self Critique: finish the mouth and correct a minor error with it. Needs more refinement. Theirs something else..

Ref: still from the 2012 film

time spent: 1 hour +15 min

Daily Painting # 7

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Pencil Sketches: Crocodile, Shawn the Sheep, and Cumberbatch’s Eye

Still trying to get back into the grove of drawing with a pencil, I’ve been spoiled by Photoshop and my Computer Tablet. Here is the best of the sketches today. A Lighting study of a crocodile, Shawn the Sheep ‘fan art’, and Cumberbatch’s Eye.

Cumberbatch himself admits his secret shape shifting powers  “I think my eye will open at the end of the first film, and then you’ll get the rest of me in the second.” .. what .. you mean it’s mocap?.. never mind. But  Weta could save a lot of money just by using Benedict Cumberbatch as is in the film, they wouldn’t need to design and render a dragon, Cumberbatch looks enough like one already :D. Sorry that was a bad joke, sometimes my jokes seem to drag-on.

Ok I will stop,  I just recently seen the new Star Trek movie (In Darkness) and  Cumberbatch did a excellent job as the villain. The movie was great and borrows quite a bit from the original Star Trek 2 movie but cleverly swapped things around.

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Tintin (Daily Sketch)

tintin sketch falling 3d shading sketch value snowy haddock

A ‘quick’ sketch of Tintin. For some reason I had trouble with rendering Tintin’s hair, I got the rest of the sketch was done rather quickly but I just couldn’t ‘see’ the hair as a shape. I got so stuck on it, I just couldn’t focus tonight.

I watched ‘Tintin and the Land of the Sharks’ on Netflix today. The animation was decent, the story was interesting if not a bit predictable, and the vocals where not bad… with the exception of one character. Captain Haddock’s voice in the movie is the equivalent of a thousand chalkboards being scratched in unison. So if you can actually stand Haddock’s voice, there is a decent movie in there. It felt slow in parts, even though it was only a hour and twelve minutes long.

Tintin (C) Herge