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Dancing Goat Animation ( Let’s Sing)

After one month of designing, 3d modeling, and animating, I have finally finished this short music video featuring this nerdy little dancing goat named Alex.

Music is by the talented SackJo22 featuring George Ellinas with Snowflake on vocals. Download the song here: http://ccmixter.org/files/SackJo22/38362. Song used under the CC-A License.

A link to Information on my process will added here when I get the blog post finished.

Video is (c) 2016 Dean Scheppel

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The Sea Serpent (D22) (Wip)

ten songs painting wip

While I don’t usually try to mix my dailies with my projects, I’m so busy that I kind of have to from now on. This painting is a WIP . There are some elements that I haven’t decided yet, like if she should be holding a egg or a pearl. If it was an egg it wouldn’t be the sea dragon’s because it’s too small.

The art will be used for my next music album “10 Songs”, a project I’ve been working of an on since I finished Alptraum.

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Dragon Astronaut (Space Dragon)


Artwork I did for my upcoming album ‘Space Dragon’. This will be the cover art. I might keep it painterly or refine it some more, haven’t decided. I was making a ‘space RPG’ but decided to cancel the project, however, 7 decent songs had already written. I was brainstorming what illustration to make for the album cover. An astronaut being attacked by a dragon t would of been interesting but then I thought ‘why not make a dragon astronaut?’  Artwork was painted in Artrage. What do you think of it?

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Knots and Loose Ends (Album)

My first music project. I have been messing around with writing songs for years yet, I haven’t undertaken a musical project of songs before. I worked on the album for a month in March of this year yet was too nervous to upload it to the interwebs. Knots and Loose Ends is a collection of chilled ambient electonica music. I even attempted (with a emphasizes of attempted) to sing on a couple of them (no worries, included the non vocal versions as well.  Note, I am a amateur and a hobbyist with writing music.  Although I am not a total stranger to the craft as I was taught in school how to play trumpet and basic music theory for five years, I am certainly not a pro and don’t clam such a title. I wrote the album for fun. I have uploaded to Bandcamp, and you can listen and download it for free.  Like my art, feedback is always welcome.

I learned alot from this project, and hopefully my next music project will be better.

Album cover is also by me

Link to album http://maugryph.bandcamp.com/