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The Sea Serpent (D22) (Wip)

ten songs painting wip

While I don’t usually try to mix my dailies with my projects, I’m so busy that I kind of have to from now on. This painting is a WIP . There are some elements that I haven’t decided yet, like if she should be holding a egg or a pearl. If it was an egg it wouldn’t be the sea dragon’s because it’s too small.

The art will be used for my next music album “10 Songs”, a project I’ve been working of an on since I finished Alptraum.

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Armadilo Barbarian Sketch (Daily Monster: 06 out of 30)


The daily monster painting has been a two edged sword. It’s given me the motivation to paint and explore but because of time restraints I do not have time to fully research material for my subjects. This means the anatomy and potential variations suffer. I will try to figure something out. For example I love the face but the clothing is very plain because I had time to skech armadillos but not any time to research clothing. I might lengthen the project to give me a extra day to do some research and prelims for each character.

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Character 3 – Paintball Warrior (Final)


Here is a much more refined painting/ sketch. I plan on taking the time on my future characters. I’ve been down a bit with my art. It made me feel good that I can still paint. What I discovered from this drawing is to do passes. First block in the main shapes with a big brush, then shrink your brush about half and do another pass and add smaller shapes and so on. Once you get to a really small brush, put your effort in the focal points of your image.

I only used one brush. It is a custom round brush, the only difference to that of a normal round, is that I added transfer and put a super light texture onto the brush. I disabled brush size pressure because I have less control and I’m not inking lines. I find it’s best to have either brush pressure size or brush pressure transparency on. But not both, because it adds another element you have to deal with. Keep things simple.

I spent 3-4 hours on this painting. Image reference was by erian_stock.

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Daily Painting No.31 – Still Life 2


still life pepper shaker and box

Another Still life. I was hoping to get another dragon done but it didn’t happen I was working on two paintings this evening, one being this still life, the other being that of a dragon. I will attempt to finish it for tomorrows daily. Currently I am not really interested in speed at this time, but of correctly rendering the light. I also decided to work on two paintings simultaneously so I can have a ‘fresh eye’ when I alternate to each painting. I am too tired to self critique myself tonight. I will review it tomorrow. let me know what you think about it. any input is appreciated.

2 and a half hours : Photoshop using the soft round brush and eraser only. I will be uploading the dragon and some sketches of elephants tomorrow.

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Daily Painting No.19 – Dragon Creeping up on a Battlemage

battlemage searching for a dragon behind him

Update: Added more atmosphere, made the monster in the back larger. Fixed the back leg. Self Critique: the monster needs more work, not sure ff the lighting is %100 correct everywhere on the armor.

With this painting I discovered a uncanny. Painting and smudging at the same time works well with armor and cloth. It’s too late to self critique. I write one tomorrow Painted in Photoshop. Time spent: 50 minutes. + 15 for some fixes

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Daily Painting No.16 – Iguana Sketch

iguana dark art

I did a painting of this iguana out of my mind, while watching the Lotr with my dad ( To my surprise he had never seen it) I started painting the little critter on my iPad but then gott irritated so after the movie was over I finished the shadows in Photoshop. I have no clue how long I spent on him, since I was watching the movie on and off. Self Critique: need to fix the bounce light in the shadows and lighten some areas of the cast shadows since they darker then the core shadow. the area around his eye got mess up somehow. Any feedback is appreciated.

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Daily Painting No.6 – Dragon


I decided to take it easy tonight and draw a dragon. I attempted a different face, a more sinister one. I find that the best approach to a painting is a solid line drawing, then paint with a simple round brushes in various occupancy, then set the occupancy to %100 and use the eyedropper tool (alt key) to ‘blend’ values and to add details. It almost feels like sculpting painting this method and it is very addictive.

Self critique: The dragon’s rostrum feels a bit boxy, i might try a more steamlined snout in the next painting attempt. I should make the horns more rough and research various and dear horns, in a attempt to try something new.

Any comments, critiques are welcome.

Time Spent 1 hour

Painted in Photoshop

Daily Painting # 6