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Chris the Haxorus

This was a parody Pokemon character I made for a comic project I was working with some forum friends. I call it a ‘pokeperson’ and is similar to the Latios Man concept I drew a month ago. But now it doesn’t look like the project is going to happen now. Ive been using the portrait as an avatar on some social sites I hang out at.

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Cicero the Zebra (Commission)


This is Cicero the Zebra. A commissioned painting. The painting was for a name badge. It was a fun commission. It’s much different then that dragons I have been painting. This is probably the most colors I’ve used in a portrait so far. I usually hold back using this much color in the piece because its quite tricky to pull it off, I think it did a good job a balancing it.

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Sculptor’s Dragon

sculpter's dragon dragon tf

Some quick sketches. I need to control my impulsiveness and actually work on my illustration. unfortunately I will be out of town for a few days so now I cant. Expect to see some iPad doodles in future. This is the sculptor’s dragon. He is made to resemble the sculptor character below. I was experimenting with drawing a silhouette and then painting the character inside of it. While I am pleased with the dragon, the sculptor himself has driven me crazy, I think its because I just jumped in and didn’t research the clothing, (it was much worse) and then tried to ‘fix’ it by using refs afterwards. There is something off about him. I will need to do a redesign. One of my weakness as a artist is my impatience. So from now on I will slow down and think things though, even with with sketches such as this, and add more definition to them, try to make them more ‘complete’ and ‘finished’. 50 minutes on the dragon, 2 hours on the sculptor. Painted in Photoshop