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Daily Painting No.47 – Still Life – Opening up a Jar of Wyrm

dragon in jar can of worms wyrms

It’s been long overdue for a new still life painting. I have this cool little hexagon jar. I have this toy of a horse that I wanted to put in the jar but it didn’t fit due to the jar being so small. Ironically the only toy that would fit in the jar was this cheep dragon toy I paid a dollar for (It isn’t even worth a dollar, honestly). So much for not painting dragons this week. I made some minor changes to the face to give it some personality. I mustered up all my strength to paint this before bed. It’ needs more blending and color mixing…. and yes the title of this painting is a very bad pun 🙂 This might be a painting I should spend some more time on, as it easily could be turned into a illustration.

Painted from scratch in photoshop with a wacom tablet. Time spent so far: 1 hour

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Later Gator

later gator alligator see you later alligator

Another T-shirt design. It was originally a quick sketch but I liked it so much, that I colored the gator in Photoshop. It’s a bit more raw then my previous design as my sketch marks show though, but I like how it came out.

If you actually like the design enough to wear it, you can purchase it here:

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Ant that nice… ( Daily Value Painting)

cartoon ant sketch value painting sad ant wants to die step on me please :(

Forgive me for the ‘punny’ title :D.  I just had to draw a toon ant for some reason.  Ants are amazing creatures (until they invade your house). This one looks either sad or exhausted.  On a interesting note. When searching for references for this painting. I notice some toon artwork portraying legs coming out of the gaster (the bulbous posterior of the ant) instead of the thorax! That’s almost as silly as giving a male kangaroo a pouch :D.

Interesting ant facts: Most worker ants are female. Most male ants only have one purpose, and that is to mate with the queen, after that most will die. Some ants will herd other insects like aphlids. Some ants will even enslave ants form other colonies!

Created in Photoshop

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