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Faux Movie Poster – Taurancaus


I forgot to post this. It is a faux movie poster painting I did as a final project in one of my art classes. The assignment was a movie poster. I love the posters of the old science fiction movies. They are meticulously painted and composed. It’s so different then the the movie posters today, where the designer cuts and pastes some photos of the stars in Photoshop, adds a lame effect filter and calls it a day. I used my family and a 3d model of a woman for this painting. It took about 8 hours to complete. I notice my Metal Slug sketch I did last night has a similar set up (three heroes in the front, the villain super large in background) but a different composition.


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Daily Painting No.48 – Organic Defense Tower

oraganic defence tower

This started as a sketch of a simple half sphere building with turrets surrounding it. The more I massed in, the stranger it became. It now resembles a organic blob creature sitting on top of a building with cannons coming of the poor thing. I added the character with the horns to make that area more interesting and to guide the persons eye to the tower… and mostly for fun. For the base color, I mess around with different colors on different layers, messing with the bending modes, trying to create a happy accident. I’m on the fence if I will be finishing it. If I decide to finish this it wouldn’t take too long to add details and refine.

2 hours : Painted from scratch in Photoshop with a graphics tablet.

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Man on a pegusis vs. a monsterious blob. (speed painting)

speed paint blob monster

Every day or two I will start doing landscape/story speed painting again. They teach me allot more then I like to admit, and it is one of the best ways for me to get quicker with painting and improving my compositions. The monster started like a blob with tentacle by then changed to resemble that creature in ‘Spirited Away’.. if he was a blob and and tentacles. I should of done something cooler but oh well.too late. Next speed painting. I know I still a bit rough but I am getting better. Painted in Photoshop. About 2 hours

Critiques are welcome.

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Asgaut the Viking – Page 2

viking hero skiny city in sky angry hero comic graphic novel mad


Second Page of Asgaut the Viking.  Trying different camera angles and driving myself crazy drawing them. On the plus side I am sticking to 4-6 panels a page, which is admittedly small for a graphic novel comic book thingy.

Created in Photoshop. I used a soft round brush for inking. I find that even though I have a 8×6 drawing tablet, I cant get my lines crisp enough. I thought I would try using halftones for this page. It’s easy to create halftones in Photoshop. I had a blast shading it though. It’s funny, shading and shadows used to be what I hated to draw, but now it’s what I look forward to. Any feedback is welcome.

Next some concept designs and I am aiming for two pages next week.

2 hours: photoshop :copyright 2013 maugryph

Non art related. I’ve been digging though all the games I bought during a Steam sale.  I have just played one of the strangest looking games ever. It’s caled Zeno Clash. The artwork and design of this game is so different compared to most fantasy games. It’s a interesting blend of Streets of Rage and Hexen and Pete knows what. The monster designs are so odd, you sometimes have to do a double take to make sure you saw what you thought you saw correctly. The acting is terrible to the point of irritation unfortunately. In fact I could barely understand the character giving the tutorial! And what do they have against chickens?  Since a sequel is coming out soon, I wouldn’t be surprised if this game goes out on sale. Recommend if you want something strange and different.

Update: for some reason this never published for some reason, It remained in my drafts despite the fact that I clicked on publish. weird.


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Portrait of a feline soldier some time in the future

anthro cat warrior face furry ears angry in shadow with scare character oc determined expression in suit resembles gears of war but not

I was looking at some of my old paintings from around 4 years ago. I wanted to see how much I have improved. I found this old painting I did of some cat guy wearing some space armor. It was OK but rather weak, It had hardly had any shading and shadows, and the little it had was off. But I liked the character, and I thought to my self, I CAN FIX THIS! Four years later, I have redone the painting. It makes me feel good that I have improved. Sometimes as a artist you just don’t notice how far you’ve gone into you look at some of your work from the past.

This is not the portrait a day but I will be uploading it in a few minutes. I will keep with the page with the rest of my portrait paintings.

Time spent on revision about 1-2 hours
Time spent on original, no clue

Original created in Artrage 2
Revision created in Photoshop
Copyright 2013 Maugryph/D Scheppel