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The best digital sketches I did last week on my Computer Tablet

digital doodles 6-22

Instead of loading up 20 sketches to the blog, I thought it would be more economical (and less annoying to my readers) to pick the best of the bunch and arrange them on to one page. Most are sketches of people I see around my local mall. It’s challenging because most of the time there is only a few seconds to put everything down before the person moves.

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3d Sculpture 2-3: Dragonite Dude

More daily sculpture practice.  Dorky dragonite.

I think dragonite looks like charizard’s  shy brother. So out of boredom, I made a hybrid. The designs of these two characters are not too off.


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Alex the Dragon Sketch


A painting sketch of my dragon Alex (I haven’t drawn him in a long time) I spent more time on it then I was expecting. I did a decent job with the wings but got stuck for a while with painting the muscles attaching the wing to the shoulder and the neck area. I think it came out alright but it would have been better to have some reference on hand instead of drawing out of my imagination. I used Artrage to paint this.

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Random Dragon Sketch


Hello everyone.  Here is a little sketch of a dragon I did in Artrage. I’m pretty surprised the makers of Artrage gave the 4.5 version as a free upgrade to all 4.0 users. It has better line smoothing then Photoshop. I’m considering sketching in Artrage and then porting the drawing over to Photoshop for painting, that is unless I want to use the natural painting tools.

Fortunately I have not been able to work on the game for the last two days because, I’ve school finals,  and was called in for potential jury duty (thankfully wasn’t chosen), an working on a test for a potential job. I’ve been busy. The final assignment for my composition class took time work on.

Thankfully I got the due date incorrect for the contest, giving me an extra week to work on it. I’ve come to the realization that the game will have to use some prefab props to get it done in time, however, the prefabs will still have to the textures repainted to match the game’s style.

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Chimera Dude (Monster 13)


This poor creature was once a man but he was turned into this monstrosity because he: fell into toxic ooze / was curse by an evil sorcerer / was a victim of a failed science experiment / all of the above… or its just some creature that likes to wear shirts.

For the remaining monsters I will be drawing  creatures from fables and legends. For example: minotaurs, basilisks, and the cockatrice.

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Studies for Monster 11


The studies I did for Monster 11. I plan on painting an octopus / Oxen hybrid. I enjoyed sketching these. Research can be fun. Forgive my notes. I was sketching these while watching the Magicbox course.